‘I had to shoot parts of my film illegally’: director of ‘The Kids from the Marx and Engels Street’

A seminar scheduled after the screening of “The Kids from the Marx and Engels Street” at the Cairo Film Festival was held with director Nikola Vukčević in attendance.
This is the director's second film. “It was screened in 20 other film festivals,” Vukčević said, adding that he is happy to be the first director from Montenegro to participate in the Cairo Film Festival.
He said that although the budget was only US$250,000, the film won the best foreign film award in Berlin and the best director award in Montenegro. “I had to shoot some parts in London illegally because I did not have enough money for a permit,” he said.
He said Montenegro supports the film industry. “We have no red lines and no permit fees in Montenegro,” he said. “But we have a shortage of equipment.”
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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