Hussein Labib announces bid for Zamalek club presidency

The former president of Zamalek Sporting Club Hussein Labib announced his bid for the upcoming Zamalek presidency elections.

During an interview with journalist Ahmed Moussa, on “By My Responsibility” show, Labib indicated that his electoral list is ready to run in the elections.

“The list is very honorable,” he assured.

The electoral list features great figures from the Zamalek club, Labib added, with names that were with him during his presidency of the interim committee that was in charge of the club.

He added that that he will be supportive towards anyone who wins the Zamalek president’s seat.

Labib pointed out that Zamalek is not the only club that has financial problems, and the club’s debts amount to LE 1.5 billion.

The issue of international fines on the club and sovereign debt will have responsible people working on it, he assured.

Labib said that his study aims to provide financial resources in his electoral schedule, and will be available to any board of directors that takes over Zamalek club.

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