Hurghada Airport to receive 7 daily flights from Serbia: Red Sea governor

Rates of foreign tourism flow to the Red Sea are expected to increase soon, according to Governor of the Red Sea Amr Hanafy, particularly Serbian tourism as Hurghada Airport will receive seven daily flights from Serbia.

These trips will continue until September in addition to increased rates of Ukrainian and Polish flights, he added.

Hanafy on Thursday said that the number of those vaccinated against coronavirus in the governorate is about 50,000, 40,000 of which are in the tourism sector.

The rest of the tourism facility workers in other categories dealing with tourists will be vaccinated soon, he assured.

Egypt received 13.1 million tourists in 2019, generating revenues of US$13.03 billion. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, revenues in 2020 fell by about 70 percent to four billion dollars, with just 3.5 million tourists entering the country.

The nation’s tourism sector, accounting for approximately 12 percent of the country’s economy, has experienced a slump in tourism since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The country’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, in cooperation with the Ministry of Aviation, has launched several campaigns to revive the industry.

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