Hungary can ‘no longer be considered a full democracy,’ says EU Parliament

Hungary can “no longer be considered a full democracy,” the European Parliament said in a statement following its adoption of a report on Thursday.

The Parliament said the situation has “deteriorated such that Hungary has become an ‘electoral autocracy.’

“Overall, [The European Parliament] expresses regrets that the lack of decisive EU action has contributed to a breakdown of democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights in Hungary, and turning one of its member states into hybrid regime of electoral autocracy,” the report read.

“There is increasing consensus among experts that Hungary is no longer a democracy,” the report added.

In their report, Parliament members listed a range of concerns, including about the functioning of the country’s electoral system and judicial independence. They also expressed fears about academic and religious freedoms, as well as with the rights of vulnerable groups, including “ethnic minorities, LGBTIQ people, human rights defenders, refugees and migrants.”

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