HRDO: Financial corruption in July LE24.2 billion

Financial corruption in Egypt has cost LE24.2 billion of state funds for the month of July 2015 alone, with 75 corruption incidents in total, the HRDO Center to Support the Digital Expression, said in a report Thursday, citing the Wiki Corruption initiative.
The report attributed the increase in corruption in different state sectors to political fluctuations. 
The forms of financial corruption in state bodies varied in this report as it included money laundering, fraud and the exploitation of power.
Embezzlement in July 2015 reached LE24.5 million, said the report, while the acquisition of public money totaled LE20.1 billion. Encroachments on agricultural land owned by the state were on 100,000 acres, equal to LE18 billion.
The waste of public money reached LE936 million, including LE2 million in bribery and LE2.7 million in financial and administrative corruption.
The most corrupt sectors in the state included respectively: local councils with 10 incidents, the Transport Ministry with nine incidents, the Health Ministry with eight incidents, the Education Ministry with seven incidents, the Agriculture Ministry with five incidents, the ministries of Interior, Solidarity, and Housing with four incidents each, the Antiquities Ministry with three incidents, the ministries of Finance, Petroleum, Justice, Social Solidarity, Electricity, and Sports with two incidents each, and finally the ministries of Higher Education, Civil Aviation, and Endowments and the presidency with one incident each.

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