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How to locate your electoral committee for the 2024 Egyptian presidential elections?

The National Elections Authority, headed by Judge Hazem Badawi, announced the availability of inquiring about the electoral committee for voting in the presidential elections through its website, using the voter’s national ID, in order to facilitate citizens the voting process.

Egyptian media reports said that any citizen can inquire about the headquarters of their electoral committee using the national number through this link, which provides all the data regarding the polling station in which each citizen will cast their vote.

The authority’s database includes all the names and addresses of all polling stations in all governorates of Egypt.

The presidential election race inside Egypt will run through December 10-12.

Four candidates are competing in the Egyptian presidential elections – current president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, head of the Republican People’s Party Hazem Omar, head of the Wafd Party Abdel-Sanad Yamamah, and the head of the Egyptian Democratic Party Farid Zahran.

Crowds of Egyptians abroad flocked to polling stations in 137 embassies and consulates in 121 countries around the world, to cast their votes in the presidential elections.

The National Elections Authority formed a central operations room equipped with live television broadcasts to follow up on voting operations inside the headquarters of diplomatic missions.

Egyptian embassies abroad, in turn, explained how Egyptians abroad cast their votes, confirming on their Facebook pages that voters can cast their votes by showing valid passport, or national ID card “even if it is expired.”

Polling stations in New Zealand were the first to open to voters due to its geographical location and the time difference with Egypt at about 11 hours. After that, polling stations were opened in the diplomatic headquarters of Egyptian embassies and consulates abroad.

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