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How to take care of your pet

Taking care of your pet can be an almost full time job that needs dedication, a sense of responsibility and love. Here is some advice for pet owners to guarantee a lifelong pleasant experience for both pet and owner.

Cats and dogs are the most demanding. They need to be fed at least twice a day.  Do not feed your pet leftovers as human food can be hazardous to your pet’s life. Chocolate is a big no.

“Sugar is completely prohibited for pet as it affects their pancreas and cause diabetes,” says Ayman Emad al-Din, a veterinarian.  If your dog or cat is used to hard food, choose a good brand that has vitamins for their hair and bone development. Make sure your pet always has access to fresh and clean water.  

Gradual weaning is the right way to transfer your puppy or kitten from milk to solid food. “Start by mixing milk with yogurt or bread after 21 days,” says Emad al-Din.

According to the vet, vaccination takes place from the sixth to the twelfth week. Annual vaccination is recommended.

Training is a must for dogs. “For cats, the use of punishment of reward is recommended,” explains Emad al-Din.  A light slap or blow could work for a punishment, which takes us to potty training. Your pet’s litter box needs to be cleaned regularly ( once a day); life is less hectic with dogs as they usually ‘go’ during their daily walk.  

Exercise is another important component of your relationship with your pet. For dogs, aside from their daily walk, make sure you run, swim or play fetch with your dog on daily basis. Others may want to hire a special trainer for their dog. For cats, especially kittens, the exercise is less complex; tossing around a ball could be challenging and amusing for your pet.

For grooming, cats need less attention as they don’t bath; often dry shampoo and flea medicine is enough. Of course, try to comb your pet’s hair daily to get rid of access hair. Dogs need more attention when it comes to grooming as they stay outdoors most of the time. They need a shower at least once a month and constant check for ticks and fleas.

At sleep time, make sure to have a dog house for your dog if your dog is kept outside. A shelter will protect your pet from harsh weather. If your pet sleeps indoors, set up a comfortable and warm box or bed, which can be easily found at pet shops and some vet clinics. An interesting fact about pet’s sleep: once you have a pet at home you will realize that it almost never goes to bed before it makes sure that his family is safely asleep. Make your pet’s bed close to your room but not too close.

“A pet is a member of the family and if you do not see that, then you are not eligible to own it,” concludes Emad al-Din, the animal lover. Always know that you are the most important and loved one for your pet and it depends on you.”

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