Housing Ministry committee inspects dead fish in Rashid

Housing Minister Moustafa Madbouli dispatched a specialized technical committee, headed by the adviser to Madbouli for water resources, to inspect the death of large amounts of fish in the Rashid Nile branch and to ensure that the water is fit for human consumption, MP Hala Aboul Saad said Wednesday.
Aboul Saad submitted a memorandum to the housing minister over the death of large amounts of fish in the Rashid branch and its possible effect on the drinking water of nearby villages.
The minister responded to the MP's communication and dispatched a committee to inspect the water.
If the inspection proves that the water is unfit for human consumption, the minister said that water plants in the area could be suspended, according to Aboul Saad.
Madbouli promised to provide financial support for the maintenance of drinking water plants in Desouk, Fouh and Metobas, she added.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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