Hours after arresting suspects, high school exams leaked again

The notorious Facebook page, "Shawming Byghashesh Thanaweya Amma" (Shawming's cheats for high school exams) and other pages on the social network leaked the high school geography and Statics exams and their answers on Tuesday morning, less than a day after it was announced that the perpetrators had been caught.  
"Shawming" published the Biology exam along with answers shortly afterwards.
On Monday the Interior Ministry announced the arrest of 10 officials implicated in the leakage of high school exams this season — specifically the Arabic and Religion papers.
According to the ministry the main defendant, a senior official from the Education Ministry's confidential printing house, his wife and eight other officials were seized by police on suspicion of leaking high school exams since 2014.
In a statement released Monday, the ministry said it had formed a team of investigators to look into the incident. The perpetrators were subsequently identified and arrested. 
The statement announced that the main defendant was Atef A. M.,  a head of department at the Education Ministry's printing house.
Atef had taken a copy of the Arabic exam before it was mass printed at the printing house, and copied the Religion exam from his colleague's computer onto an electronic flash memory stick and transferred it to his personal computer at home, the statement said. He asked his two brothers to delete the data on his computer after he was arrested, according to the police investigations.
The statement detailed the names of the other defendants as Hala Y M, Tahany Y M, Sabah A M, Mohamed A, Mahmoud M, Omar A E, Ahmed F M, Mohamed G H, and Essam M M.
According to the Interior Ministry, the perpetrators have received bribes. At the house of Hala Y M, (the wife of Atef A M) police found LE8,310, documents pertaining to a savings account for Hala's brother Ahmed Y M containing LE577,208, another savings account for her sister Tahany Y M, and gold ornaments. 
The statement said that the defendants confessed to leaking the exams during interrogations.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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