Hospital: Mubarak won’t be released for 72 hours

Berlin–The operation on President Hosni Mubarak’s gall-bladder yesterday at the Heidelberg University Hospital in Germany has received wide coverage in German media, especially after Mubarak announced that he would delegate executive powers to Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif.

German media also highlighted that the president’s wife and two sons are accompanying him on his trip.

Mubarak’s meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel silenced rumors that the president has back problems.

Medical sources, speaking on condition of anonymity because of German laws protecting personal health information, said that President Mubarak will be released from the hospital within three days of the operation to remove his gall-bladder. The procedure is known as a cholecystectomy.

Yehia el-Shazli, head of the Digestive System Diseases Department at Cairo University, said the operation is simple and side effects are unlikely. He added that Mubarak’s operation was performed at the most famous center for such operations.

That operation, he added, is carried out using an operation endoscope and a patient who undergoes such surgery normally fully recovers 48 hours after the operation.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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