Higher Education Ministry to propose new method of selecting university heads

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Amr Ezzat Salama announced that the ministry will finalize a proposal for selecting university administrators next week. The proposal will then be presented to university faculty members in various departments for final approval.

In a statement on Thursday, Salama said the proposal will be presented to faculty members in an attempt to reach consensus on the best method for selecting university heads and ensure a democratic process.

Salama added that he is considering amending the law regulating university organization to make assistant professors and teaching assistants full faculty members.

The minister said he aspires to a high-quality university and research environment that will allow Egyptian universities to join the ranks of those in developed countries. Such a status can only be achieved through the provision of necessary plans and programs and by ensuring a decent life for those involved in what he called Egypt’s educational and research renaissance.

Salama said that the ministry will soon take steps to distribute merit bonuses along with monthly salaries in July.

The ministry also plans to increase faculty income over the next three or four years to ensure that educators are appropriately compensated.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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