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Hezbollah targets Israeli soldiers in southern Lebanon

Hezbollah fighters announced that they have directly struck at the the Israeli Hanita site, in retaliation for air strikes carried out by Israeli army warplanes targeting the outskirts of the Ramieh border town in southern Lebanon.

Israeli media announced that a guided missile was fired by Hezbollah towards the Galilee Panhandle on Saturday, exceeding seven kilometers, as the Islamic resistance targeted a gathering of occupation army soldiers in the Adathar forest, killing and wounding several.

The head of the Upper Galilee Council said that Israel has been waging a war for about three months, and the government has not yet appointed a body to cover the civil sphere in the north.

He noted that he has created it himself, separately from the state, to care for the settlers in the Upper Galilee.

Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Chairman MK Yuli Edelstein, indicated that the Israeli home front will pay a heavy price in any war with Hezbollah.

The Local Council in the Upper Galilee had announced the implementation of five launches, which varied between Katyusha rockets and anti-tank missiles from Lebanon.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq announced on Sunday that it had targeted the American Kharab al-Jir base in northeastern Syria with drones, coinciding with another drone attack on the Al-Omar and Koneko bases – coming in retaliation against Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza.

US forces responded by confronting the drones and shooting several, but no information was reported on human casualties.

The American base in the Al-Omar oil field, east of Deir ez-Zor, was bombed by three drones at dawn on Sunday.

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