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Hezbollah bombs northern Israel over Arouri, Tawil assassinations

Hezbollah bombed the headquarters of the Israeli Northern Command in response to the assassination of party leader Wissam al-Tawil, and the deputy head of the Hamas political bureau Saleh al-Arouri.

Alarm sirens sounded in northern Israel following the attack, while Iran warned that the occupation’s practices were expanding the circle of conflict.

The party announced that it targeted the headquarters of the Northern Command and the Hanita site of the Israeli army in the city of Safed with attack drones.

It pointed out that the attack on the Northern Command and the military site was part of a response to the assassinations of Arouri and Tawil.

Two sources familiar with the party’s operations told Reuters that three members of the party were killed in a strike that targeted their car in the town of Ghandouriya, south of the country.

An Israeli drone targeted the town of Khirbet Salam with a missile during the funeral of Hezbollah leader Tawil, which led to injuries after Israeli forces targeted their car. And Sirens sounded in several areas of the Upper Galilee in northern Israel on the border with Lebanon after a suspected drone infiltration.

The occupation army monitored the launching of several missiles from Lebanon at the Yiftah and al-Manara sites, coinciding with a warning of a drone infiltration, according to the Israeli TV channel 12.

The Israeli channel monitored the launching of more than 20 missiles from Lebanon towards the Galilee, reporting that “Hezbollah launched some drones and missiles” in northern Israel.

It noted that 16 homes, in addition to hundreds of cars, were damaged in the Kiryat Shmona settlement – one of the largest Israeli settlements in the north – since the beginning of the fighting with Hezbollah.

The Israeli Foreign Minister, Israel Katz, announced Tel Aviv’s responsibility on Tuesday evening, for the assassination of Tawil in southern Lebanon.

Katz claimed in an interview with Israeli Channel 14 that this is part of the war, and that Tel Aviv’s goal is to restore safety to northern and southern Israel.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Nasser Kanaani condemned the occupation’s assassination of a Hezbollah leader, describing the act as “cowardly terrorism”.

The international community, including the United Nations Security Council, warned against Israel’s attempts to expand the cycle of war and conflict within the region.

The Security Council said: “The occupation’s persistence in committing war crimes at the expense of the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank, coinciding with the violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Lebanon and Syria, and the occupation’s blatant resort to systematic terrorism, immediately threatens regional and international peace and security.”

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