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Here’s when daylight savings time will end in Egypt

The summer daylight savings time will end on Thursday, October 26, at 23:59, with the clock shifting back 60 minutes.

Winter time begins at midnight on October 27, 2023, and continues throughout the winter period for a period of six months.

Thus, the total duration of summer time is six full months.

The cabinet had decided to start daylight savings time on the last Friday of April, by shifting the clock forward by one hour with the aim of saving various energy sources such as electricity, diesel, gasoline and gas.

The Electricity Ministry previously said that based on a study, daylight savings time will contribute to saving US$25 million by saving gas units used in electricity production.

In general, saving one percent of electricity consumption results in savings of $150 million per year.

Daylight savings time was first introduced in Egypt in 1940, and it was suspended multiple times only to be reinstated on April 28, 2023.

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