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Heat wave to strike Egypt once more for three days: EMA

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) said that the rise in humidity levels on Tuesday makes the weather feel hotter than usual, with values ​​ranging between two to three degrees Celsius.

The EMA explained that very hot and humid weather will prevail for the next 72 hours across most of the country.

It will be hot and humid on the northern coasts, moderately hot and humid at night in most areas, and moderate and humid on the northern coasts.

A member of the EMA’s media center, Manar Ghanem, said that the country is exposed to a high-pressure area in the upper layers of the atmosphere, increasing sunshine periods and trapping moisture in a layer close to the Earth’s surface, leading to increased humidity.

Temperatures this week are about three degrees higher than normal rates, she said.

Ghanem added that the country is being impacted by the extension of the Indian monsoon depression throughout this week, which carries very hot air masses with temperatures potentially exceeding 50C.

However, as these masses pass over the Mediterranean Sea with the movement of the depression, they lose part of their heat and are carried with quantities of water vapor, which leads to higher humidity levels.

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