Health Ministry drafts anti-thug strategy for hospitals

The Health Ministry has tasked a number of experts to create a complete security plan to secure health facilities against violent attacks by thugs, Minister Amr Helmy said on Sunday.

The plan will rely on trained private security agents, Helmy told reporters.

Since the resignation of former President Hosni Mubarak in February, hospitals have reportedly witnessed attacks by criminals seeking to steal medical supplies. Some believe the attacks have been waged by angry families of the victims of the security void that followed the January uprising.

Helmy said he had instructed his deputy, Abdel Hamid Abaza, to follow up with the experts and ensure that the plan is complete by mid-September.

Abaza said the strategy will be applied in coordination with police and military authorities. Work on the plan and efforts to seek funds for its implementation started last week, he noted.

But Abaza stressed that the new plan would not rely solely on private security firms, saying that the situation requires a high degree of security. 

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