Health Ministry: Abu Zaid died of brain infection

Controversial Islamic scholar Nasr Hamed Abu Zaid’s death earlier this week was caused by a severe cerebral infection, the Health Ministry announced yesterday. Abu Zaid died Monday at Sheikh Zayed hospital in 6 October City.

According to the hospital, Abu Zaid was suffering from poor blood circulation, a high fever, disturbances of consciousness, and convulsions.

Hafez Mohamed Hafez, the hospital’s director, said that Abu Zaid, who had just returned from Indonesia, had spent a week at home before being admitted to the hospital. Scans and analyses showed that he had a strong but non-contagious virus in the brain, Hafez added.

Abu Zaid’s condition failed to improve with medication. He was transferred to the ICU on 8 June, where he was placed on mechanical ventilation. His health continued to deteriorate until his death.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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