Head of National Dialogue Conference calls for unity among revolution coalitions

Conference on National Dialogue President Abdel Aziz Hegazy has called on the revolution youth to form an institution that includes all coalitions so their voices are properly heard.

State-run news agency MENA quoted Hegazy on Monday as saying the number of youth coalitions and their lack of organization caused disputes during the conference sessions.

“For this, I call on them to form an institution that would include and legalize all of these coalitions,” he added.

Some youth coalitions previously rejected the participation of former National Democratic Party (NDP) members in the conference. Hegazy said the rejections weren't against individuals but against the party.

“Not every NDP member was corrupt,” Hegazy said. “All the different political trends were invited to the national dialogue.”

The second phase of the national dialogue will be held in Egypt's various governorates. 

“We have to raise awareness in society about the importance of respecting and listening to each other. This is what democracy means,” Hegazy explained, saying that some people have started to deal with each other in a dictatorial way.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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