Hayah Karima Foundation launches ‘Wasl al-Khair’ convoys to deliver food ahead of Ramadan

The Hayah Karima Foundation announced on Tuesday that several “Wasl al-Khair” convoys delivering food aid will be provided in all governorates, as part of the “One Million Cartons” campaign.

The convoys will distribute foodstuffs aiming to relieve the burdens of citizens in need ahead of the holy Islamic month of Ramadan.

Field monitoring teams and volunteers at Hayah Karima Foundation across the nation began loading trucks with foodstuffs in preparation for supply it to beneficiaries in a number of governorates, namely Beheira, Beni Suef, Sharqiya, Kafr al-Sheikh and Minya.

Over the past few days, the foundation launched the largest food aid convoy in the Gharbiya Governorate to distribute 200,000 cartons of food supplies in the localities of al-Santa, Kafr al-Zayat, Zefta, Samanoud, Qutour, and Basyoun.

The “One Million Cartons” campaign will be launched successively in various centers and villages of other governorates, providing one million cartons of food to the priority groups before Ramadan.

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