Hashish in the university!

I am appalled by the situation at Egyptian universities.

I can not imagine that there is dancing, smoking, and hashish in the lecture hall. I cannot believe that these students desire knowledge. I cannot imagine that a student could threaten their dean with “You’ll see!”.

What are we waiting for to fix these problems?

A student smoking hashish in the lecture hall. Female students dancing and uploading videos onto the Internet.

Are there any standards to study at universities?

I’ve read details of this kind regarding the “lecture hall incident” at Tanta University, and I heard from my friend the dean about female students dancing in the lecture halls, as well in a private academy. When the dean suspended the students, they returned after high-level mediation and interventions from significant bodies, who said the students “pay money for this education.”

What happened to society in the past few years?!

I was surprised that the students begged their parents to intervene and solve problems, without any shame. I was even more surprised the parents defend their children, and threaten the university professors. Certainly not all problem go viral in public as most of these are bypassed, after interventions and mediation of course. They communicate with the dean or rector, and it’s over.

Everything is regressing, and the standing of all university figures is regressing as well.

Absolutely I did not make up these stories, because they have been “circulating” for days. The most famous of these incidents is the one at Tanta University, since it went public. And there other stories from an academy which I do not want to disclose, so as not to harm its reputation. But here is a glimpse of one incident there; a parent, coming from famous stores, threatens the dean and involves his customers in big positions and the elite in the issue!

Did any of us, in the past, dare to speak, let alone dance? Did any of us dare to make trouble in the presence of the professor, let alone the dean? None of us even knew the way to the office of the rector.

Now the situation is out of control.

How exactly did all this happen? How did bullying get into the university? How can there be hashish, dancing, rudeness and misbehavior?!

Surprisingly, when the Tanta dean asked the “defendant” about the smoking, he said: “I smoke a cigarette, and I’ll smoke more.” Does this student deserve sympathy? Is it worth to disturb the universe for him? Who is he even?

Are we aligned with the values of a university, which should be preserved, or are we biased in favor of a student who does not realize the difference between the university and the illegal hash cafes?

The question is: where is the sanctity of the campus? And where is the respect? What does it mean when a student threatens their professor?

What does it mean when a student smokes hashish during a lecture, or female students dance in the lecture hall? Where are the morals of the Egyptian family? Where is the standing of the university?

How did we get such deterioration?

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