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Has the new Chinese virus arrived in Egypt?

An Egyptian consultant of allergy and immunology, Amgad al-Haddad, on Saturday discussed the latest details bout the “mycoplasma pneumoniae” virus which has spread across China since May.

During a phone interview with the “dmc” Egyptian satellite channel on Saturday, Haddad said that while China has implemented very strict measures over the past three years due to the spread of coronavirus, there have suddenly been major openings.

Egypt is completely free of the mycoplasma pneumoniae, he assured, and said that this virus is old but has reappeared again.

He noted that China denies any abnormal spread of mycoplasma infection, and confirms that infection rates are the usual annual rate.

A complete medical lock-down against this disease is not sound, he said, because the mycoplasma pneumoniae virus has no vaccination unlike the coronavirus and people will be exposed to it regardless.

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