Hana Gouda wins WTT Youth Contender Lignano 2021 Under 19

National team and al-Ahly club table tennis player Hany Gouda won the Italian International Championship WTT Youth Contender Lignano 2022 Under 19, which is held in the Italian city of Lignano Sabbiadoro and ends on November 5th.

Gouda is participating in the U-17 and under 19-year-old competitions, and the draw resulted in her presence in the U-17 competition in the first group.

Accompanying her in Italy is Hisham Ismail, the supervisor of her training in Al-Ahly Club and the Egyptian national team, knowing that the young champion will also compete in the 32nd round of the U19 competitions tomorrow, after she managed to top the first group.

Egypt achieved the general shield of the international championship held in Cairo, an achievement that adds to the many successes of the Egyptian Table Tennis Federation.


A young champion

Egyptian table tennis champion Hana Gouda has booked her place at the top of the world rankings for juniors under 15 and 17, issued this August by the International Federation of the game, for her recent outstanding results.

At the level of the U19 world rankings, Gouda ranked second behind Romanian Elena Zaharia, who led with 8720 points. Gouda dropped two places at the women’s level to become 37th instead of 35th.

The 14-year-old won the gold in the singles competitions at the African Under-19 Championship, which was recently hosted by Tunisia, after winning the final against Roa Zaki 4-0.

Gouda has become one of the most prominent table tennis players over the past years, being the youngest player in history to be part of the Olympic mission despite not participating as she accompanied the national team’s delegation in the recent Tokyo Olympics.

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