Hamas delegation in Cairo for mediation over truce details

A Hamas government delegation will hold talks Monday with Egyptian officials in Gaza to follow up on the recently declared truce between the movement and Israel.

The delegation, presided over by Deputy Prime Minister Zeyad al-Zaza, arrived in Cairo Sunday evening to hold indirect talks with Israel through Egyptian mediators over details of the truce.

Deputy Foreign Minister Ghazi Hamad told the local Safa news agency that the delegation includes Kamel Madi, a deputy from the Gazan interior ministry, and Hatem Eweida, a deputy from the economic ministry. During a meeting Monday, the delegation will discuss some truce-related details including borders, crossings and mechanisms of getting goods in and out of Gaza.

Negotiations with Israelis will be indirect and sponsored by Egypt, Hamad said. 

Egypt announced Wednesday that it had brokered a cease-fire agreement between Hamas and Israel, putting an end to the most recent conflict between the two, which killed at least 165 Palestinians and six Israelis.

The agreement included halting mutual military attacks between Israel and the armed Palestinian factions in Gaza, as well as opening the commercial borders.

Israel diminished its maritime siege on Gaza by increasing the distance allowed for fishing to six miles. The distance has been reduced to three miles for five years.

It also allowed farmers to reach the fence separating Gaza, after imposing a 300-meter-deep security buffer zone three years ago.

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