Hamas calls on Egypt to halt Israeli truce violations

Hamas authorities in the Gaza Strip has called for Egyptian intervention to halt Israeli violations of the truce between them and Israel, according to Hamas Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Ghazi Hamad.

Hamad told reporters in Gaza on Saturday that "deterrant" measures should be taken against Israeli violations. He added that Egypt, as the official mediator of the truce agreement, should take a strong stance by reprimanding Israel.

Hamad also added that resistance factions are ready for any developments, and suggested that the truce violations were an expression of Israeli anger over being "defeated" during its recent assault on the coastal enclave.

Meanwhile, medical sources said that a Palestinian died of injuries suffered Friday after the Israeli Army shot him in the chest.

The man was the second person killed by Israel since the Egyptian-sponsored truce agreement 24 November to bring an end to combat that lasted for a week and killed 177 Palestinians and six Israelis.

Another 10 people were injured by the Israeli army on Friday near the border between Gaza and Israel.

According to sources from Hamas, the agreement stipulated removing a 300-meter deep security buffer zone at the border.

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