Hamas bans Palestinian journalists from working with Israeli media

The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday forbade local journalists from working with "hostile" Israeli media, it said in a statement.

The weekly cabinet meeting decided "to ban work with all Zionist media and journalists," and to declare Israeli media "hostile."

The statement mentioned Israeli media and television stations which operate in Gaza through local Palestinian production companies, working with Palestinian journalists.

This was the first time Hamas, which has ruled Gaza since 2006, has issued such an edict, the statement noted.

The decision comes on the heels of a bloody eight-day conflict in November, which cost the lives of 177 Gazans and six Israelis.

Human Rights Watch recently rebuked Israel for four attacks on journalists and media facilities in Gaza, which it said killed two Palestinian cameramen, wounded 10 media workers and damaged four media offices.

In its defense, Israel said that some media facilities were being used by militants.

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