Habib threatens with resignation from MB

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Deputy General Guide Mohamed Habib, who apparently lost in the last elections of the group’s Guidance Bureau, threatened with resigning from the bureau and the Shura Council.

In a statement he delivered from his Assiut residence Tuesday, titled "Address to all Muslim Brothers in Egypt and all over the World," Habib said: "I absolve myself of the violations that marred the elections held by the group in Egypt."

He went on to say: "If the general guide and the bureau members insist on violating the rules and regulations for choosing the next guide, which would consequently question his legitimacy, my keenness to preserve the interest of the group drives me to announce the following:

First, my resignation from my posts as deputy general guide, member of the Guidance Bureau and member of the group’s International Shura Council. Secondly, I hereby state that I have no intention to run in the next general guide elections. And finally, I am willing to continue serving the group to the best of my ability."

At the end of his statement, Habib said he would stay on if the general guide and the bureau members refrained from violation and conformed to the bylaws of the group.

An MB delegation had paid a visit to Habib Tuesday to arrive at a mutual consent as regards the requests that he had repeatedly demanded. However, the delegation failed to reach an agreement, which prompted Habib to deliver his statement and insinuate that he would tell of more details later.

Bureau member Essam el-Eryan said the Guidance Bureau will meet today to discuss Habib’s statement.

MB sources said Habib’s statement was actually directed to MB members abroad, as the Guidance Bureau has full control of the group in Egypt. They also said that the bureau may send another delegation to meet with Habib for further discussions.

Because Habib had contested the elections before they were held, he still considers himself the group’s first deputy guide despite losing in them.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.


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