Guterres praises Egypt’s role in backing Palestinians

Secretary-General of the United Nations António Guterres praised Saturday 23/03/2024 role of Egyptian state and people in backing the Palestinians.

Guterres, during a press conference held in front of Rafah crossing, said he went to the crossing in the month of Ramadan to share the suffering of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

He met the injured Palestinian civilians and their families in al-Arish Hospital and was touched by their stories and experiences.

There is neither justification for the Hamas attacks on October 7, nor for the collective punishment of the Palestinian people by Israel, he said, adding that now is the appropriate time to establish a humanitarian ceasefire.

Guterres said children, women and adults inside the Gaza Strip are stuck in a never-ending nightmare.

Homes are destroyed, families and entire generations are eliminated, and famine besieges entire people, said Guterres, noting the necessity of exploiting the month of Ramadan because it is a time to spread human values and promote peace.

He pointed out that the Palestinians have been witnessing continuous suffering for several months in the Gaza Strip, and that they are spending the month of Ramadan under continuous bombardment by the Israeli army, in addition to the fact that humanitarian aid is still suspended.

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