Gunfight over smuggled weapons leaves 3 injured

A gunfight between police and a group trying to smuggle weapons to the Beni Suef Governorate led to three people being severely injured. 

A security source said the group wanted to smuggle ammunition and machine guns on a boat in the Nile and take them to Beni Suef, located south of Cairo. 
A police captain, an officer and six soldiers attempted to inspect the boat, the source said, but the alleged smugglers opened fire at police, who fired back. 
An officer and two smugglers were taken to hospital with severe injuries, the source said. Police arrested three suspects and seized their weapons. 
Prosecutors detained the suspects and asked for an urgent report from the hospital on the injured officer. 
The source said seven members of the group were from Kharman village in Giza.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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