Gun battles and Molotov cocktail fights erupt across Cairo

Violent brawls and street fights have erupted in five districts of Cairo since Monday evening, resulting in dozens of people being injured by gunfire, stab wounds, broken bones, burns and other injuries. Most of the clashes appear to have been between groups of street vendors and criminal elements.

In the Sayida Zainab district, a fight broke out between street vendors and shop owners in the Darb Gadeed area. The fight, which began as a result of arguments over where street vendors could display their products, escalated into a battle between the Saayda family and the Darb Gadeed family.

The two families exchanged gunfire and Molotov cocktails, and fought with bladed weapons for nearly three hours, causing a traffic jam until police forces managed to control the situation with teargas. Six people were arrested, while the injured were transferred to the Munira and Manial hospitals.

In the Hedayek al-Quba district, a gun battle broke out between nearly 500 thugs and drug dealers, according to eye witnesses, resulting in dozens of injuries.

A similar fight broke out in the Bulaq Dakroor district before the police and the armed forces gained control of the situation. Dozens of people were injured in the fight, while those involved were arrested and are being questioned.

In the Gamaleya district, a brawl broke out between a group of street vendors and a convicted criminal attempting to bully them into giving him money. The criminal fired bullets into the air, which came back down and hit somebody in the head. The citizen was transferred to the hospital.

Police chased the criminal, while both sides exchanged gunfire, resulting in the criminal being shot in the foot before he was eventually arrested.

Fights also broke out between a number of street vendors near the Bulaq Abul Ella area, as well as in Moski area over the right to display their goods. Security forces succeeded in breaking up the fight and no injuries were reported.

Meanwhile, a gun battle broke out between the Ebeid family and other families in the Nasser district of Feshen City, Beni Suef. Molotov Cocktails and rocks were thrown at police forces that came to break up the fight, resulting in the injury of Feshen Chief Detective Mostafa Abu Aqrab.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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