Groups demand purging sports, youth councils of Mubarak-era figures

Eight Egyptian political groups have demanded that the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces clear the country's youth and sports authorities of corrupt figures affiliated to the regime of former president Hosni Mubarak.

The groups include the January 25 Revolution Board of Trustees, the Revolution Youth Union, the January 25 Movement, the National Center for Popular Committees, the Alliance of Egyptian Revolutionaries, the Union of Revolution Forces, the Free Front for Peaceful Change, and the National Coalition for Egypt.

In a statement on Saturday, they said that leaving sports and youth authorities in the hands of corrupt figures is to neglect a vital sector. They demanded that the governing boards of the National Sports Council, headed by Hassan Saqr, and the National Council for Youth, chaired by Safie Eddin Kharboush, be removed.

The groups cited corruption, nepotism and profiteering, which they said have been rampant within both councils, accusing their leaders of damaging Egypt's reputation and causing youth centers to deteriorate.

The statement also called for re-uniting both councils under one ministry, as they were seperated during Mubarak's reign. It urged opening corruption and profiteering cases against sports and youth federation figures, as well as removing the heads of sports federations suspected of corruption, including the chairperson of the Egyptian Football Association, Samir Zaher.

Translated from the Arabic Edition


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