Group of Egyptian protesters call on Iranians to revolt against Tehran govt

A group of Tahrir Square protesters on Thursday called on the Iranian people to revolt against the Iranian Islamic dictatorship.

A group of leaders of Iran's “Green Revolution” against the Islamic Revolution called for the organization of a demonstration in solidarity with the Egyptian protesters less than a week after comments were made by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei calling on the Egyptian army to intervene and overthrow the regime of President Hosni Mubarak.
In a statement, the Egyptian protesters said, "O Great Egyptians, O sons of the ancient Egyptian civilization, which spread light throughout the world, outsiders are trying to steal your revolution.”
The statement went on to say, “Khamenei and his follower [the leader of Hezbollah] Hassan Nasrallah came out to drive a wedge in the nation's fabric by talking about an Islamic revolution in an attempt to eliminate our Coptic brothers for our revolution."
 “The great Egyptian people understand these nefarious aims to spread chaos and discord throughout Egypt and its people who carried out the most magnificent and honorable revolution in history and we will not give such people the opportunity to hijack our revolution which will continue until we achieve complete democracy ."
 “Leaders of Iran's “Green Revolution will devote tomorrow Friday in solidarity with the Egyptian people. Egyptians must respond to these honorable people by allocating the same day in solidarity with the Iranian people who suffer injustice, dictatorship and corruption,” said the statement.
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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