Govt report says food prices up in September

Prices of several food commodities in September were higher than during the same period in 2010, according to a government report released on Sunday.

Local bean prices soared by nearly 62.6 percent, to around LE7.90 for one kilo, this September, up from LE4.80 in September 2010, according to a Central Agency for Public Mobility and Statistics (CAPMAS) report.

Local rice prices also increased during the year by 68 percent, rising from LE2.90 per kilo to LE4.90, the report said.

Meat prices saw a 5 percent increase from LE56.80 to LE60 for one kilo within the same period, while mackerel prices jumped by 51 percent from LE7.80 in September 2010 to LE11.80 per kilo now.

In terms of monthly increases, the report said potato prices went up by 14 percent to LE4.80 in September, up from LE4.20 in August, while tomato prices rose by 14.8 percent in September to LE4.60, up from LE4 in August.

The report, however, said local rice prices dropped to LE4.90 during September, down from LE5.80 in August.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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