Govt report: Over 1,000 strikes disrupted Egypt’s trains in last two years

The Central Agency for Organization and Administration has issued a report claiming that strikes and sit-ins in Egypt have turned from being a legitimate right of workers to a threat to the economy.

The report, published by the state-run newspaper Al-Ahram on Monday, states that the total number of sit-ins and strikes at the railway lines over two years from January 2011 until January of this year have reached 1219.

According to the report, these protests have led to losses of LE141 million, in addition to other losses from thefts.

Railways drivers held a strike last week with demands for better bonuses and paid holidays. The strike lasted for two days, and was the longest-running strike in almost 30 years.

The spread of strikes and sit-ins reflects a state of mistrust between workers and administrative bodies, the report suggests, with many believing that the current period presents the best chance to achieve economic rights. The report also cites the weakness management and its inability to apply rules and regulations.

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