Govt pledges to thwart counter-revolution schemes

The interim cabinet warned against counter-revolution attempts and vowed to thwart such efforts as it works to fulfill the demands of the revolution.

In a statement to the public late on Wednesday, the cabinet announced police would completely return to the streets following their withdrawal on 28 January.

The cabinet issued the statement after its first meeting, during which it expressed concern for the country's security. It called on all citizens to uphold the country’s interests and stay away from actions that would hinder production.

The cabinet also called for an end to protests in an effort to achieve stability.

The cabinet had drafted earlier on Wednesday a law criminalizing thuggery and intimidation of civilians that includes a provision allowing the death penalty if such crimes result in deaths. 

The law was issued following widespread violence and attacks from around 500 thugs on protesters in Tahrir Square calling for dissolution of State Security.

Other clashes took place on Tuesday among Copts and Salafis leaving at least ten dead and more than 100 injured.

Some observers alleged State Security was behind the recent sectarian clashes that erupted in areas of Sayyeda Aisha, Qalaa and Moqattam.

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