Govt plans municipal elections after presidential poll

Egypt will hold municipal elections in July or August after the presidential election ends as scheduled in June, Local Development Minister Mohamed Ahmed Attiya told reporters Wednesday.

Attiya said a government panel formed to amend the law on municipal councils is working on granting those councils a more active role and wider powers, which might include monitoring governors and other officials.

The panel will submit the amendments to legislators for approval, Attiya said.

Authorities backtracked on their decision to form interim local councils because they wanted to maintain the democratic style that distinguished parliamentary elections, Attiya said.

He said the ballot boxes should determine the popular leaders who will represent citizens in different governorates.

The minister said municipal councils should have the right to review decisions adopted on all levels in their governorates to make sure people’s interests are met.

The government in July decided to dissolve the local councils as stipulated by a judicial ruling in June, which said 98 percent of local councils were dominated by the former ruling National Democratic Party.

The councils were meant to oversee local budgets and provide services but were accused of corruption.

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