Govt declares state of alert to confront E. coli outbreak

The maximum state of alert has been declared at Egyptian border crossings and airports to ensure the quality and safety of imported vegetables, as fears of E. coli contamination spread in Europe this week.

Agricultural Ministry sources said that passenger bags and packages containing vegetables would be carefully examined to ensure they are free of E. coli contamination before they are allowed into the country.

He added that despite adequate supplies of Egyptian cucumbers, some hotels use imported cucumbers.

In related news, German officials said that sprouts from an organic farm in northern Germany may have been the cause of the country's deadly E. coli outbreak, which led to 22 deaths and over 2000 illnesses throughout Europe.

Although Spanish-grown cucumbers were initially blamed as the source of the outbreak, German Federal Health Minister Daniel Bahr said authorities were awaiting laboratory tests to determine whether the sprouts were the source.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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