Govt considers tougher penalties for state land violations

The government is currently examining the possibility of imposing harsher penalties on those who transformed newly reclaimed agricultural land into tourist resorts, said official sources.

The governor of Beni Suef has removed the general director of state property from his position after the incidents of encroachment on state-owned land increased within his governorate.

Sources, which spoke on the condition of anonymity, said presidential decrees will be used to impose heavier punishments on violators in order to curb misuse of state-owned land.

The General Authority for Rehabilitation Projects and Agricultural Development (GARPAD) has decided to form technical committees to examine the contracts signed with agricultural investment companies to ensure that these companies are carrying out the agreed upon land reclamation projects.

Ibrahim el-Agami, the executive director of GARPAD, said these committees will review the contracts for violations and punish the violators.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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