Govt buildings to cut electricity use by half

The Council of Ministers issued a decree on 30 June for all government buildings nationwide to reduce their electricity consumption by 50 percent. The Ministry of Electricity has been informed of the decision.

Minister of Local Development Mohamed el-Mahgoub has also requested all governors to reduce the use of city and highway lights by the same amount.

“We use double the internationally recognized standard for lighting cities,” he explained.

He called on government buildingss to reduce their lighting during the day and make sure that lights are off at night after closure.

“I have asked government institutions to send me a report every two months which I will submit to the prime minister,” el-Mahgoub said.

For his part, Electricity Ministry spokesperson Aktham Abul Ela promised that Egypt will pull its electricity usage below international limits once consumption is cut by half.

Meanwhile, Cairo Governor Abdel Azim Wazir has ordered that light usage on side streets be reduced, leaving main streets, tunnels and bridges at their curent levels.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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