Govt authority seeks details on radioactive mud shipment

A government authority has asked the Damietta seaport administration to submit a detailed report on a three-month old mud shipment that was found to contain high radiation levels. The port received the shipment in two containers, with 100 sacks of a material called Caly Inhibitor, a muddy substance used for construction.

The Damietta Port Civil Protection Department is searching for the local importer of the shipment, which came from India’s Mundra Port on board the Lahor Express ocean liner.

"The material is used for extinguishing oil well fires caused by drilling," said petroleum expert Nasr Shalash. "It produces equal pressure to that of the exploding gas or oil," he continued, adding that there is no need to import the material as it is widely available in South Sinai.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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