Govt asks citizens to hand documents taken from state security to armed forces

The Egyptian government called on citizens to hand any documents collected from state security buildings to the armed forces to preserve national security.

Hundreds of citizens have broken into the buildings over the past two days, after reports that officials had burnt documents thought to contain information on corruption issues inside state security.

Citizens continued breaking into the state security buildings on Sunday in governorates such as Minya, Marsa Matrouh and Monufiya.

“Whoever has documents must hand them to the military as soon as possible,” the government said on its official Facebook page, warning that the documents must not be posted on the internet and their secrecy must be maintained.

But many Facebook groups had already published documents obtained from the state security headquarters in Nasr City. This included information on priest’s wife Wafaa Qostatin, who was said to have converted to Islam but then taken by security bodies and given over to the custody of the church after Christian protests.

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