Governor names school honoring doctor denied burial in Egyptian village

Daqahlia Governor Ayman Mokhtar on Saturday has chosen to name a school in Shubra al-Bahou village after a deceased doctor whose funeral in a village in Nile Delta had been protested by villagers fearful of the coronavirus.

Police were finally able to put 64-year-old Sonia Abdel-Azim Aref to rest after firing tear-gas bombs at the villagers, who had blocked the way to the cemetery for up to five hours.

Up to 23 villagers were reportedly arrested.

Doctors are the first line of defense against diseases and epidemics, the governor said, and sacrifice their lives to protect citizens. He stressed that they deserve honor and appreciation.

The governor’s decision came hours after the incident, which outraged medical workers and observers who fear that medical staff face abuse because of their work.

The Egyptian Medical Syndicate also condemned the incident.

It called on all concerned authorities to push for maximum penalty in punishing citizens who obstruct an employee’s work for imprisonment of up to six month to two years. The syndicate demanded the protestors be put to trial immediately to serve as a deterrence against future protests, with the maximum punishment imposed against them.

The syndicate renewed its plea to the House of Representatives to issue the Law for the Protection of Medical Facilities and the Law of Medical Liability.

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