Governor honors ‘flagman,’ awards him with apartment

Sharqiya Governor Azazy Ali Azazy on Monday honored an Egyptian man who climbed the building that houses the Israeli Embassy in Cairo and tore down the Israeli flag during a protest Sunday.

Ahmed al-Shahat, 23, has been nicknamed the "Flagman" for replacing the Israeli flag with the Egyptian one.

“I wish I was in his place to enjoy that honor,” Azazy said, speaking about Shahat.

Azazy said Shahat had stunned the world by risking his life and climbing 18 stories to raise his country’s flag. Azazy also decided to award Shahat with a flat and a job.

Demonstrators on Sunday protested the death of six Egyptian officers in an Israeli border raid late Thursday.

On Sunday, Islamic thinker and presidential hopeful Mohamed Selim al-Awa said any assaults on embassies, including the Israeli one, are unacceptable, saying that such facilities are supposed to be safe zones.

The death of Egyptian soldiers in the border area is not the first incident of its kind.

Some media covered the death of Egyptian border guards in the past by what appears to be friendly fire by Israel. Those cases haven't been investigated.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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