Governor announces infrastructure development for Cairo streets

Governor of Cairo Galal Mostafa Saeed has announced the installation of an integrated system for the development of traffic lights in the capital.
The project will be conducted by the Armed Forces, the governor said in a statement Tuesday. The cameras will monitor violations and will help in the collection and analysis of data on the volume of traffic. This information will be used in the future planning of road networks, Saeed said.
Surveillance cameras in 250 intersections will be put into place in the capital at a cost of LE260 million. Some of the cameras have already been installed in Heliopolis, Nasr City and Maadi.
In addition to new cameras, 800 public transport buses will be operational in Cairo in the next four months, 600 of which were a grant from the UAE, Saeed mentioned. Furthermore, a loan from the World Bank, which will be formally approved in April, will finance the purchase of 500 new gas-run and air-conditioned buses, as well as the development main roads.
Beautification efforts are also being made as authorities are coordinating with a number of businessmen to finance the renovation of 350 building facades in downtown Cairo over the next six months, said Saeed.
The project also includes renewing the infrastructure of downtown Cairo by establishing sidewalks, paving streets and landscaping.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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