Government to form popular committees to secure parliamentary elections

Local Development Minister Mohamed Ahmed Attiya said Sunday his ministry has started preparations to form government-supported popular committees to secure parliamentary elections slated for November.

Upcoming elections may witness clashes between supporters of different candidates in some districts, Attiya told Al-Masry Al-Youm as the reason behind the decision.

The popular committees’ members will be comprised of youths who don’t belong to political parties, the minister added. Police and armed forces will also participate to defend against potential thuggery.

The minister added that he sent letters to governors to select youths for the popular committees, saying that they will be rewarded at the end of each phase of the three-phase elections.

Members will put signs on their shoulders to distinguish themselves, the minister said, mentioning that police and armed forces will intervene if clashes erupt.

Citizens formed popular committees to protect neighborhoods and maintain order during the 25 January revolution after security forces withdrew from the streets.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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