Golio’s: Sicilian by the sea

Perched on the beach at Marina Gate 5 is Golio’s (pronounced Julio’s)–a fabulous eatery that’s the North Coast’s new “place to be.” Competing as a post-beach destination along with the likes of Andrea (Hacienda’s grilled chicken restaurant) and Makani (a long-time staple for Marina folk), Golio’s has stepped up with a traditional Italian/Sicilian menu that has been tweaked with fresh ideas and top-notch food.

The restaurant is located near La Plage and La Femme beaches, right beside the beach-side Starbucks. Purchased by the Eat Franchise Company, Golios is one of a couple of restaurants the company plans to open not only on the North Coast but also in Cairo.

According to the Eat Franchise Company, the chefs who produce the delectable dishes come straight from Sicily. The concept behind Golios is to combine a laid-back, beach feel with menu items that blatantly scream fine dining.

The salads are decadent, the main courses properly portioned, and the selection of desserts offers both familiarity and temptation to try new tastes.

Keep in mind that, due to popular demand and also wind chill by the beach, your salad will likely arrive with or only moments before your dinner. Expect fluffy, freshly baked bread with two sauces–but be careful as it’s easy to fill your tummy on simply that.

On our visit everyone at the table had a favorite, whether it was the Veal Milanese, the Pizza Salmone, the Fusili del Bosco, or the variations of tiramisu, including one in particular with pistachios. The Pizza Salmone is literally covered in salmon and the Milanese is known not only for its tender meat, but for its less conspicuous portion of spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce.

For the record, my favorite was definitely the Bosco, a mushroom cream pasta that must have some secret ingredient as it is highly addictive.

Once plates were emptied, some opted for shisha–a treat not often experienced right on the beach–and although highly priced, our shisha-expert agreed it was very good.

While this weekend may be the last for many summer North Coast residents, Golio’s will stay open during Ramadan. If you plan to go this weekend then call to reserve: Golio’s reputation has caught fire and the place is always packed.

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