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Gold prices skyrocket in Egypt on Monday

Gold has become one of the most searched words on Google is due to the sharp rise in gold prices in the past few these days, which made citizens eager to follow gold prices daily.

The average price of a gram of 21 carat gold at the beginning of Monday, December 5, tradings, was LE1630, according to gold expert Amir Rizk.

Monday’s prices:

  • The 24-karat gold recorded LE1,863 per gram
  • The 21-karat gold recorded LE1,630 per gram
  • The 18-karat gold recorded LE1,397 per gram
  • The price of the gold pound recorded LE13,400

The price of gold decreased globally, Monday in future contracts so that an ounce recorded US$$1,805.00, down by 0.21 percent.

It also increased in spot gold contracts, to record $1,797, down by 0.28 percent.

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