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Gold price in Egypt continues to rise Tuesday, reaches highest level yet

On Tuesday morning gold prices in Egypt reached its highest historical level, rising to LE1,630 per gram for 21-karat gold.

Gold price in Egypt, on Tuesday:

  • The 24-karat gold recorded LE1,863 per gram
  • The 21-karat gold recorded LE1,630 per gram
  • The 18-karat gold recorded LE1,397 per gram
  • The price of the gold pound recorded LE13,400

Globally, the price of an ounce of gold rose globally, recording US$1797, compared to $1,749 prior to the statements.

The price of gold rose globally, Tuesday to record $ 1784.20 an ounce up by 0.19 percent. It also rose in spot gold contracts, to record $1773.51 an ounce, up by 0.28 percent.

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