Ghazl el-Mahalla, 1st football company to be listed on IPO


The Ghazl El-Mahalla Football Company has decided to open up for public offering – as the first football company to be listed on the stock exchange in the IPO system- from June 12 to July 1, as Prime Capital is promoting, the offering manager.

The investment in the company’s IPO represents a good opportunity, as it is the first company of its kind in the field of football  to be offered on the stock exchange.

The shares will be listed after the public underwriting of the offered shares is completed.

The business plan shows a healthy cash flow for the company and an average expected return of 21.5 percent, as the main factor affecting the share price is the expected successful financial performance of the company.

Ghazl El-Mahalla has a long-standing name as a club with a wide fan base, and it is one of the six giants of Egyptian football. Those who won the Premier League title, which gives confidence in the success of the company’s future business plan.

The public underwriting represents an increase in the company’s capital by LE 98 million, so that the capital will reach LE 200 million after the increase.


Investors can subscribe to the company’s shares by submitting subscription applications through all brokerage firms, by registering the customer’s purchase order and can be  paid for 100% from the value of the order, which is LE 1.02 per share.

The minimum subscription is 1,000 shares and the maximum subscription is two million shares – through the stock exchange’s transaction system “OPR”.

The stock exchange and Misr Clearing Company, after the end of the subscription period will match the applications registered by all brokerage firms with the funds collected in the brokerage companies.

The subscription will then receive accounts, bearing in mind that subscribers may not go directly to subscribe through the bank.

Ghazl el-Mahalla Football Company was founded in January 2021, to be the first Egyptian joint stock company specialized in football activity, after separating from the football activity in Ghazl el-Mahalla Club.


They are affiliated to Misr Spinning and Weaving Company in el-Mahalla el-Kobra, one of the companies of the Ministry of Public Business Sector.


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