The ghastly end of patriarchy

I believe that patriarchal systems across the world are on the verge of collapse. The patriarchal system I am referring to goes beyond the system of values governing the relationship between men and women. Patriarchy is a hierarchical structure of human relationships in which groups of people are organized with the weakest at the bottom and the strongest at the top. 

The capitalist system is a patriarchal system, as large corporations and the governments that enact imperialist policies to serve their interests are positioned at the top of the pyramid.

Within patriarchy, preachers and politicians who speak in the name of religion are also at the top of the social pyramid. Other examples of the patriarchal system of relations include a manager oppressing his or her subordinates, an employee of the state mistreating citizens or a husband abusing his wife.

The patriarchal way of thinking is based on the idea of controlling the weak, poor or helpless. Violence is used to impose one’s opinion ― patriarchal regimes wage different kinds of war, even killing their own people to make gains.

At this point in time the world is seemingly boiling over with protests against patriarchal regimes and the businessmen and governments propping them up. In Egypt, however, there appears to be a blackout imposed by Egypt’s rulers, blocking news about the protests raging in Europe and the US. Why is this happening? Perhaps because news of these protests could strengthen the Egyptian revolution, and the nation’s current rulers are busy distracting people with issues that are not connected to the demands of the revolution. 

The world has been inspired by Arab revolutions and people are coming together to demand justice. Nations are rising against patriarchy ― the Italians brought down Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the Greeks forced changes in their government, with the rest yet to come.

In Egypt, we seem to be on another planet, some place where we cannot see the Occupy Wall Street protests currently sweeping across the United States. Since 17 September, the number of protesters on Wall Street in New York has been growing. On 2 November, protesters closed down the port of Oakland in California, one of the largest ports in the US. At midnight on 3 November the protesters were attacked by police who used violence to clear the port, hoping to quell the blossoming protest movement in Oakland, a city with a considerable population of laborers.

In Europe, Occupy London protesters have camped out near St Paul’s Cathedral in central London. On 9 November, thousands of London students marched to protest against the privatization of education, the increase in education fees and the absence of social justice in their society.

Nobody is telling Egyptians that Occupy Wall Street was inspired by the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, according to the movement’s unofficial website. Since its launch on 17 September from Liberty Square in Manhattan, the Occupy movement has spread to an estimated 100 cities in the US and 1500 cities in Europe.

This is the beginning of the end of patriarchy, which will essentially lead to the fall of military and theocratic governments, as these systems embody patriarchal principles.

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