Ghad party launches poster campaign to challenge Gamal Mubarak

The Ghad Party has begun its own poster campaign to counter that launched by the Popular Coalition for the Support of Gamal Mubarak.

Ayman Nour, the former president of the Ghad Party, said that members have printed posters of Gamal Mubarak–policies secretariat of the National Democratic Party and potential contender in the 2011 presidential election–that read, “Egypt is Larger than You” and “Stop.”

In a conference titled “Change Through Political Parties,” held two days ago at the headquarters of the Constitutional Party, Nour said that he saw pro-Gamal posters in the Cairo districts of el-Darb el-Ahmar, Mousski, and Gammaliyya. Nour added that shop owners claim they felt obligated to display the posters to avoid harassment from officials because the posters were distributed by employees of local district councils.

Abdel Halim Qandil, Kefaya coordinator, and Mamdouh Qenawi, Constitutional Party chief, confirmed that they are participating in the anti-Gamal campaign. Nour, for his part, urged the National Association for Change (NAC) to revive its campaign against succession, which they called Mayohkomsh(He Won’t Rule).

Meanwhile, Facebook activists have launched a new campaign to gather signatures on ElBaradei’s pro-reform statement. They called on Egyptians to carry the Egyptian flag for one week from 13-21 August, which will coincide with the anniversary of the 10 Ramadan war (also known as the 6 October war). The campaign will be in response to the poster campaign by supporters of Gamal Mubarak.

For their part, the Popular Coalition for the Support of Gamal Mubarak will begin a campaign to gather signatures on a petition nominating Gamal for the presidency. Magdi el-Kordi, coordinator for the coalition, said members of the campaign have already started gathering signatures in six governorates.

“If ElBaradei’s campaign intends to gather one million signatures, we will gather five million,” el-Kordi told Al-Masry Al-Youm.

ElBaradei’s supporters have been out on the streets for five months but, according to el-Kordi, have only gathered 100,000 legitimate signatures. The rest are those of Muslim Brotherhood members who sign upon instructions from their Supreme Guide.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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